To welcome Spring

“When spring came, even the false spring,
there were no problems except where to be happiest.”

Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

First thought…


I wake up in the morning asking myself
what can I do today,
how can I help the world today.


(a network of grateful living)

Morning’s first thoughts. As the sun crests the skyline – do we awaken thinking of ourselves or do we reach beyond, praying for open eyes and softened hearts?

The world calls us to greet each day ready to reach out with compassion for all beings. 

Advent after Advent


“It is while waiting for the coming of the reign of God- Advent after Advent – that we come to realize that its coming depends on us. What will we do either hasten or slow, sharpen or dim our own commitment to do our part to bring it.” Joan Chittister, the Liturgical Year.

(picture and quote found – ACTS)

Creation continues


Creation, we are taught, is not an act that happened once upon a time, once and for ever.
The act of bringing the world into existence is a continuous process.
God called the world into being, and that call goes on.
There is this present moment because God is present.
Every instant is an act of creation.

Abraham Heschel, “The Sabbath”

Remaining brave

imageEven in a world that’s being shipwrecked, remain brave and strong.
Hildegard von Bingen Continue reading

Let It Be


This is one of my favorite prayers. It is found in the ‘New Zealand Prayer Book’. I re-discovered it while closing my computer and letting go of the unfinished work of this day. An unlikely place and perfect timing.

“There is never enough time in a day” – I do not know if this is truly a quote but I am certain that it is deep within my understanding of time and work. It is a statement that we as a society have come to believe as truth.

What does it mean to run out of time? Deadlines are always before us but even after they have arrived, time moves ahead. Whether we meet the dreaded deadlines or not, the next minute arrives and we are greeted with options for how we face the future. 

We cannot change the motion of time. But we do have choices. Can we release our clinched hands, letting go of our attempted grip on time? Can we relax long enough to observe a passing moment – what it brings and what it takes away? 

This prayer reminds us of a simple truth. What is done is done and what is not done remains so. How do we learn to ‘let it be’?

the tracks we leave

IMG_1839We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.
Dakota proverb

Making conscious tracks — the future’s path is created by actions we take today. These actions become guides – instructions for those who step onto the trail and forage ahead. These tracks gift our children with direction and instill hope. The steps we take today can leave future generations an inheritance more valuable than anything material.

So what will our tracks tell about the life we have lived? What will our footprints reflect about our priorities and concerns? Each day I read of actions taken that show little interest in enriching lives and communities. Many of today’s footsteps are taken to better one’s self and only widen the gape between those who have and those who are in need. 

May each of us set our goal to take careful steps toward a better world, moving ahead as role models to inspire people who feel hopeless. May the path we create lead to peace and well-being for all.