Door of transition 

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from one transition to another. it takes a flexibility that can sometimes push the limit. be gentle with yourself as you move through these transitions. you are not alone. we all face unexpected and challenging doorways – even when they are beautiful. remember to breath.

To begin with possibility 

Your ability to see beauty and possibility is proportionate to the level at which you embrace gratitude.

We are at another moment of transition. As 2016 comes to a close we stand at the edge of a new year with hesitant anticipation. 

Looking back we see turbulence and confusion. 2016 was such a year. Emotions have been raw and undisciplined. Fear returned as our basic understanding of  civility has been challenged. 

As we prepare to step into a new year- we make choices. There may be hurdles that will best be faced together. We will see possibilities and beauty in places unseen to us before. 

Even in the most challenging moments may we remember to nurture gratitude. Nurture it in our selves and share with one another.  To be grateful can change a perspective and maybe even redirect a misguided journey. 

Blessings as we welcome this new year…

~ Quote: Steve Maraboli
~ Image: Moongate in Ireland (Pinterest)

better things ahead


and so a new day begins…

Sitting together


Mountains in Central Highlands, Iceland

Mountains in Central Highlands, Iceland

The birds have vanished down the sky.
Now the last cloud drains away. We sit together, the mountain and me, until only the mountain remains.

Zazen on Ching-t’ing Mountain by Li Po

Home for Christmas


At Christmas, all roads lead home. ~Marjorie Holmes

Welcome Christmas…

This is the first Christmas in my new home. As written in an earlier entry, I prepared for this season with mixed emotions. There have been moments when I have faced the objects of Christmas past and felt a great sense of loss. This year has been strained to draw tradition near in a home so new and empty of history.

Hopeful to be surrounded by a sense of Christmas “familiar”, I have come into my home during these past days grateful to feel the comfort of my Christmas past. Sitting in front of my tree I am delighted to see ornaments that could tell stories of my life. There are nativity scenes, candles and other decorations filling space in my home and in each place I am gifted with memories.

Nothing is impossible! As I welcomed my parents to share in Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we spent our time eating good foods from restaurants recently discovered and journeying into the warmth and light of beautiful places filled with others to celebrate Christmas Eve. I woke on Christmas Day, blessed with a sense of gratitude ~~ gratitude for memories already made in this new place I call home. We have had a true celebration. With the excitement of exchanging gifts with family, the delight in seeing nature’s beauty, the search for the most impressive Christmas lights, the inspiration to sit in a church where people knew my name and the comfort surrounding a table with new friends as we shared Christmas dinner, there was little lacking.

“At Christmas, all roads lead home.” While reading this quote I have a fresh perspective on its meaning. Even in a time when so much feels awkward and unfamiliar, I have found new roads that can lead to home. Nothing is impossible!

Carrying Memories and Moving Forward

It has been more than a month since Lilly moved to her new home. The ache within does not grab with the strength of the early days. I am told great stories. She is running with new four-legged friends. She is sharing her abundant love and care with her companions (the two legged type). Last week I received wonderful pictures of a recent camping trip where Lils actually got her feet wet! She is happy and I am grateful.
Time – the one thing in life that nudges us along when we have little energy to move on our own. Forward – the only way to go without creating unduly and unhealthy resistance. Breath – the one gift that sustains and fills us with the mystery of our Great Creator.
I am thankful for all of these ‘gifts’. Gifts that continue to support me as I live into one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. In a way unforeseen, Lilly and I did what we have always done. We took care of one another. As she delights in her newfound friends and freedom, I am happy and able to go greet each day with my own re-discovered freedom. I can make plans and not be concerned. Lilly is not stressing over my needs ( her responsibility for so long). And I am free to move about with complete focus on all the fun and demanding details of living into a new home and make new friends.
We took care of one another. How I love the irony of life!20120603-011119.jpg

The Courage to Rise Above…

The rose rises above. Has it pushed beyond its ‘familiar’ toward a world filled with adventure and new challenges, ready to stretch and see the distant possibilities?
I look at picture in awe of the imagination and vision of the “picture taker”. What did they see, what did they want us to see? Not knowing these answers, I decided to stop thinking and begin my own imagining. Where does this picture take me?
It takes me to ‘now’. I know what it feels like to look beyond. I know what it feels like to stretch. It is never as simple or comfortable as one might hope. Yet the One taking the picture of my move beyond, has their own imagination and exquisite vision. And when my own words or feelings are too tangled to share my prayer of trust, I am thankful for the graceful words written by others on this journey called ‘life’.
So- I share this reflection, written by a wise and holy man. How blessed we are to have such people among us!
Let me unfurl my sails and make for the open sea. I am not afraid to see the far horizon as my only course. I do not need the crowded land to be my only harbor. I will let the wind chase me over the waves, skimming beneath the cloudless sky, steering through the night by the stars I choose to follow. I will trust my self to be this free for I know that God accepts me just as I am, empowers me as I am made, and will share my joy as I dare to go as far as I can before I reach that distant shore where the light of an endless love will bring me safely home.
by the Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston
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