All in Good Time- Friday’s door

The past, the present and a hint of the future – this is how we are created over time. We only know what is beyond a door by pulling on its old hinges and walking over its threshold. These actions often come with feelings of eagerness and hesitation.

All in good time… until then may you find blessing in the beauty of new growth and the strength of steps taken before you.

Door of the day… (Vezelay, France)

For Istanbul 

For Istanbul 

Another act of senseless, yet intentional violence. So disturbing, so heartbreaking, so dangerous.

In these moments of horror and destruction we can find the courage to move into this danger. Move in to collect all shattered hope. To remold and hold that hope until those wading in the rubble can gather their balance and look beyond, able to imagine a future.

We must rise above fear and sit. Sit with those grieving and injured in their sadness and hopelessness until hope returns.

quote- Alive Now

Bravely through the door

Risk itself is a process of constant unfolding. And taking risks is the process of peeling back the layers of what you are and who you want to be.


Listen and lean 

Listen and lean in… this is where community is created and nurtured. 

Why write?!


I thank Amelia for her wisdom and share this excerpt from Lifeintheblueridges

It speaks to the core of why writing is so important and so risky.
And for me… A risk well-worth taking!!!


Last night while reading The Spirit of Writing: Classic and Contemporary Essays Celebrating The Writing Life, I came across this great quote that seemed to say it all:

Words, like eyes, are windows into a person’s soul, and thus each writer, in some small way, helps to enrich the world. But it takes courage to share one’s life with another, for we live in a world where every sentence penned can be criticized or praised. But it is a risk worth taking, for a greater vision remains: that through our words, be they fiction or fact, we might touch another soul as we share our stories and song. In that moment, however brief, we suspend the walls of separateness that so often cause suffering and pain.

the strongest force…

Love is the strongest force the world possesses and yet it is the humblest imaginable. Gandhi

I do love this image. Opposite in size and balance. Great creature, small wise boy– they meet one another, reflecting strength and humility. Who knows which is the strongest or more loving. Does it really matter?

They meet face to face enveloped in an air of peace and confidence. Language does not limit this interchange. Words may be spoken but it is the spirit that bonds their intent.

Our intentions are at the core of our actions. They express acceptance or rejection, peace or battle. In a world vibrating with fear  and division, it is risky to love. Yet the risk is essential, not for gain but survival. Taken one step at a time, love’s strength can redirect the lost and reconnect the lonely.

I do love this image. In it there is hope – the greatest of challenges can be met. Success does not have to involve struggle but can be accomplished with humility and love. May we take the risk – one person at a time.

(Photo taken by Gregory Colbert.for ASHES AND SNOW)


Knowing love–

Only the soul knows what love is. (Rumi)

This image has lingered all day. Glances passed from one spirit to the next. Creation shares such a tender connection. A connection filled with complete trust and true risk. The soul’s language is filled with action, few words. Bound to one another all of creation is free to live in peace, free to exist together in a land with plenty for all. This image has lingered with all its beauty, peace and  risk.  It has been focus for prayer and meditation. ‘Only the soul knows…’ – may we find the quiet place for all of creation to experience a moment of connection, soul to soul. Filled with the risk of peace, may we unclench our hands and share in love’s bounty.