A night to pray for peace…

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In a word, in a prayer

Is it true? In  a word… there is power and control. In a word…  one can conquer.

Is it promised? In a prayer… there is humility and acceptance. In a prayer… one can be free.

Pentatonix- Hallelujah from 2016 release- A Pentatonix Christmas

for those weary and hurt…




May we find ways to calm the restless noise that surrounds us. May we support one another as we each open to God’s care as pain is eased and weary spirits are renewed.

And as the sun rises to a new day, may we go out to share God’s strength and hope to those whose deep hurts are stirred  by the angry banter in our airways and our streets.

J. Philip Newell – 
Celtic Benediction 

Evening Prayer…



Renew me this night in the image of your love,
renew me in the likeness of your mercy, O God.
May any refusal to forgive that lingers with me from the day,
any bitterness of soul that hardens my heart,
be softened by your graces of the night.


Quote: Celtic Benediction, John Philip Newell
Image: Weavings.org

singing the sun to rise


…fresh soundings of life, for new showings of light.’

I wake to the darkness of pre-dawn. This is the time when the quiet calm of night meets the whispers of a new day. Creation stirs us to awareness in these moments.

Our nature is to seek the sounds of life and the sight of light. The first bird sings to announce day’s arrival. Soon we all begin to rustle our wings preparing for that first flight.

Open your eyes with gratitude – the light of dawn unfolds to welcome this new day.

Quote- John Philip Newel
Image and Prayer – Episcopal Church (Facebook page)

Palm Sunday re-visited

Palm Sunday - He Qi

(Palm Sunday – He Qi)

Today we have celebrated Palm Sunday. Once again I am intrigued by how chaotic and awkward the worship can feel.  It can be a stretch to ‘connect the dots’ between triumphal entry and brutal death. Too much for one service, we attempt a flow of worship, where it appears none was intended. Frustrated – we force this story and its impact to fit our worship service and self-created time restraint.

The service for Palm Sunday is overwhelming. Even if the church designed this service to pack in the whole story, it could be the best way to begin Holy Week. On this day we enter a week filled with confusion, fear, pain and celebration. Was it not chaos for all involved during that week? Jesus had tried to explain all that was to come. But    among this glorious entry into the city of ‘all that was sacred’, an entry that sung of victory and God’s blessing – who could have imagined that all would turn so horrible and tragic. The chaos certainly was overwhelming. Packed into a week – they went from certainty to despair.

And so packed into an hour and a half we, as followers of Jesus, share in this heart wrenching confusion – we enter with palms waving and exit in silent, somber awe. Exhausted we leave – wondering how all of these moments can happen so quickly.

Whether it is in an hour or a week, the moments happen quickly for they are out of our control, then and now. We walk the road this next week, invited to gather for the sacred meal, stay alert in the garden and know the sound of death’s silence. We know our hearts will rise with a dawn’s sun but for this moment we are invited to join in the journey of these six days. It does not matter how often you have experienced this Holy Week – the road is filled with new images and insights. Stay alert for the moments pass quickly.


(a re-written re-post)

A prayer for the grace of new beginnings



Glory be to you, O God, for the gift of life unfolding through those who have gone before me.

Glory be to you, O God, for your life planted within my soul and in every soul coming into the world.

Glory be to you, O God, for the grace of new beginnings placed before me in every moment and encounter of life.

Glory, glory, glory for the grace of new beginnings in every moment of life.


(John Philip Newell, Celtic Benediction; Morning and Night Prayer, 61-65)