Friday’s Door- another world 

Behind your image, below your words,
above your thoughts,
the silence of another world waits.

Contemplative Monk – Facebook
Qutoe: John ODonohue

Morning Light 

For the morning light and its irresistible dawning, for you untamable utterances of life in boundless stretches of space and the strength of the waves of the sea

I give you thank, O God.

Release in me the power of your Spirit that my soul may be free and my spirit strong.

Release in me the freedom of your Spirit that I may be bridled by nothing but love

that I may be bridled only by love.

Quote — John Philip Newell

Image – “Reverse Sunrise” Bruce Stambaugh 2016

Evening Prayer…



Renew me this night in the image of your love,
renew me in the likeness of your mercy, O God.
May any refusal to forgive that lingers with me from the day,
any bitterness of soul that hardens my heart,
be softened by your graces of the night.


Quote: Celtic Benediction, John Philip Newell

Morning peace…

The peace of morning’s stillness
the peace of new beginnings
the peace of heaven’s kiss
to welcome this new day
to root us in this day
to free us for this day
that we may grow with the greening earth
that we may grow from the ground of glory
that we may grow in grateful wonder of You

Gracious Giver of this day
Great Giver of this new day.

Quote: John Philip Newell
Photo: Roger Hutchison

(thank you, Diana Butler Bass)

Morning prayer


Blessed are those who know their need for theirs is the grace of heaven.

May the angels of light glisten for us this day.
May the sparks of God’s beauty
dance in the eyes of those we love.
May the universe be on fire with Presence for us this day.
May the sun’s rising grace us with gratitude

Let earth’s greenest shine and it’s waters breathe with Spirit.
Let heaven’s winds stir with the soil of our soul and fresh awakenings rise within us.

May the mighty angels of light
glisten in all things this day
May they summon us to reverence,
may they call us to life.

Taken from FB -‘Touch Holiness’

Quote-  John Philip Newell
in Praying with the Earth

Image on Pinterest

A prayer for the grace of new beginnings



Glory be to you, O God, for the gift of life unfolding through those who have gone before me.

Glory be to you, O God, for your life planted within my soul and in every soul coming into the world.

Glory be to you, O God, for the grace of new beginnings placed before me in every moment and encounter of life.

Glory, glory, glory for the grace of new beginnings in every moment of life.


(John Philip Newell, Celtic Benediction; Morning and Night Prayer, 61-65)

to be part of the world’s healing


We stumble on the journey, O God.
We lose heart along the way.
We forget your promises and blame one another.
Refresh us with the springs of your spirit in our souls
and open our senses to your guiding presence that we may be part of the world’s healing this day,
that we may be part of the world’s healing.

John Philip Newell – Celtic Treasure: Daily Scripture and Prayer.
Photo by Chuck Summers.