Kindness is the greatest of all balms. Rumi

To offer kindness – it must be practiced, much like prayer or meditation, consciously and with intent.  This is not always easy.  If we are irritated or offended – responding with kindness often goes against our immediate reactions.

It requires listening instead of assuming we know the answer or solution. Sometimes it means ‘doing’ nothing – not all situations have a fix. Sometimes our presence is all that is needed. 

And so may we learn to practice- kindness.

With thanks for our Presiding Bishop


She has been a mentor — I am grateful for her wisdom and strength . Proud of my church then and today. All are welcome!!

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+Michael Curry got it right in his sermon this morning. He thanked Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts-Schori for her leadership and ministry over the last nine years. And he said, “This is a woman of God. She has led us with passion. Hers is different from mine, now. I want a little of her cool. She has been God’s gift.”

I’ve spent the last week-plus observing the House of Bishops at work. Cool is a good word for our current Presiding Bishop. As another observer commented to me after a few sessions, “No one can run a meeting like she does.” Conversation in the House of Bishops flows smoothly and cleanly. She knows the rules and communicates them clearly. She maintains order but also camaraderie. She makes sure correct procedure is followed. Since she does not have the same electronic queuing system used by the House of Deputies she has to…

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The Time is Now 


Time – a word used in so many ways. We run out of it, there is too much of it – the world moves at a pace beyond our understanding and yet we are driven to “keep up”. There is never enough time in a day. Twenty four hours are stretched and modern calculations try to explain how we can multitask, adding extra minutes to our already over scheduled days.

We are to believe that time is like property, owned by each of us to manage and arrange as we will. It is what we are taught and often how we structure our lives. Using it so quickly and efficiently, its passing is only realized when we feel the stress of needing more – as if we have ‘run out’ of time.

Really?! For all of the hours and days we fill planning the future, there is little doubt that the best of plans would be tossed aside if a crisis of the heart or faith arose. Standing in a moment awakened by focus, all other time with its finally tuned schedule fades into the background. In an instant, priorities are re-set, the only thing that matters is “now”.

The quiet of early morning 

Breathe deep and take in these quiet moments – the time just before the first bird sings.

The spirit is near but we are often unaware. Even as her offer to encourage and inspire stands ready, we manage to proudly claim this inspiration as something of our own creation.

May you begin this Sabbath with a still and focused breath.