True friends

Hold a true friend with both hands. (Nigerian Proverb)

True friends are small in number. For good reason — to nurture these relationships we have to build on life-stories shared and experienced together. Small in number, maybe, but these friends shine with the brightest light. By their side, we celebrate joyful moments of our lives. Times filled with promise, hope and celebration. With the strength of their support, we move through difficult of times of our lives. Times blanketed with the darkness of trust broken and the sadness of letting go of the most precious dreams. Whether the times are filled with joy or sadness, we are shield and comforted with a true friend by our side. No need for words just presence – when moments are shared and saved like notes in a diary.

Interesting – this Nigerian proverb does not say how to hold these friends. No description of a tight grip or straightened elbows – just to hold with both hands. Yet certainly, true friends are to be held with intent. Fully aware of the treasure before you, cradling with it the strength of gratitude.

under control…


control – who has it? why do we spend so much of our time trying to keep it? Living with the idea that we are somehow in control of our time, our surroundings, our relationships and our own lives can bring frustration and disappointment. we plan and life happens.
I think it may be much easier (and certainly healthier) to move through life with open hands and the ability to let the rushing river flow around you.